2nd Annual First Christian Church Ice Cream Social

Saturday, August 27, 2005

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The Bainters
The Bainters.
Hungry for Ice Cream
Colin's Hungry.
"We were angels the whole night"
Colin and Grant.
Such well behaved children
The Children.
The Reeds
The Reeds.
"Is there more up there?"
Connie's Hungry.
The Marlows
The Marlows.
Dishin' it up
Mike Drake scooping ice cream.
The Wagners
The Wagners.
The Line Starts Here
The Desert Line.
Time for a big bite
Big Bite.
Mmm, mmm, good.
Shannon Enjoying Pie.
The Hansens
The Hansens.
The Stipanowichs(es?)
The Stipanowichs (es?).
The Raymers
The Raymers.
Good turnout
Good turnout.
First Helpings
First Helpings.
Preacher Man
Rev. Workman.
The Makuchs (say ma-coo)
The Makuchs.
The Burgs
The Burgs.
The Mummerts
The Mummerts.
The Watkins's
The Watkins's.
The Shields
The Shields.
Balloon Fun
Balloon Fun.
This will keep them out of the way
Balloons in vent.
That's the last one!
Balloons in vent.
That's entertainment
The Entertainment.
Birthday Girl
Nikki's Birthday.
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday.
A song bird
Connie Singing.
How'd This picture move to the end?
Where's the food.
Before we let anyone touch it
The spread.
Getting Things ready in the Kitchen
Kitchen Workers.
Singing Cabaret
Quick Time Required
Another Song from the Duo
Quick Time Required
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