Thanksgiving Dinner 2005

Sunday, November 13, 2005

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Rev. Steve
Rev. Steve.
Our World Travelers
World Travelers.
"Are you really taking my picture?"
Pyllis, Janice, Janice, Donny and Jackson.
"My tray is bigger than your plate"
The Children.
Nancy ducked
Nancy Reed.
Jean's sharing recipies
The Vaughns.
Desert Time
Several with desert.
Jack going back for 4ths
Jack McKinnon.
Mike and Bev
The Drakes.
"They finally let us out of the kitchen"
Conley and Donna.
A big crowd
A big crowd.
Bless You
Art and Roselyn.
"Did I tell you the one about the
Mathematician and his Bride?"
Mary and Joseph.
"Even with my mouth full,
I'm stylish in these earrings"
Sue Adams.
Bob Chatterton says this is a good meal
Bob and Karen.
"How is the weather up there"
Arline brought a friend.
Stimulating Conversation
Alex and Samantha.
I had to get one of Shannon
with her mouth full
Shannon Reed.
Welcoming friends
Myron and the Tyson's.
Where the real work of the church happens
The kitchen.
I wash, you dry
At the sink.
Cleaning up
Cleaning up.
Of course I can tie my shoes. They're velcro.
Something happening in the Scout Room?
Alex and Sam trying to look innocent.
Emily is learning from the masters
Dancing in the scout room.
Dance the night away.
Emily Dancing.
The Last Picture
The Last Picture.
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