February 7, 2013

The regular meeting of the Macomb Lions Club was held on February 7, 2013.  Members gathered in the meeting room at Wesley Village with those members in attendance as shown on the Attendance Record and Guest Register.  Transcribed below is what happened at the meeting:


Attendance: Guests       10
Members    15
                   Percentage 37

Lead in the Pledge of Allegiance – President Entwistle


Prayer – Lion Bowen


Guests – Spouses/Guests & Entertainment (The Lemmings)

Song –

Birthdays –


Program -Singing by the Lemmings.



1.  District 1-H Convention will be in Rock Island on March 8-10.  Sending Lion Dewitt and her husband as our club’s Lion for the District Award.


2.  District 1-B and 1-K are proposing to merge back together since they do not have enough clubs and members to be recognized by International.  This will be voted on at the State Convention.


3.   Our 50th Charter night will be September 20th.  Committees will be needed.


4.   We will have both the Eye Screening and Hearing Unit at the Citizens Bank Senior Days on 8/1.


5.    Lion Bowen talked about the upcoming Diabetes Awareness Day at Wal*Mart and Farm King on 3/23.


6.   Next meeting will be February 21, 2013.  Dennis Danowski will be the speaker to talk about the Library expansion.


Tail Twister Sweepstakes –  $5.75 carryover.  No sweepstakes for this meeting.




                  Secretary     _________________                                 
                                                 Jack Schoonover