June 21, 2012


The regular meeting of the Macomb Lions Club was held on June 21, 2012.  Members gathered in the dining room of the Grand Prairie Home with those members in attendance as shown on the Attendance Record and Guest Register.  Transcribed below is what happened at the meeting:


Attendance: Guests       00
Members    20                    
                   Percentage 38

Lead in the Pledge of Allegiance –   President DeJaynes

Prayer – Silent

Guests – None

Song –

Birthdays –


Program –- Final Business Meeting of the year.




1.  Lion Risley talked about how we had conflicts and could not get Diabetes Awareness Day done.  He felt we should make a contribution.  Moved by Lion Bowen and 2nd by Lion Beaver to donate $200. Motion passed.


2.  Lion B. Prueter talked about the Fly-In Breakfast.  Serving will be from 7 am to Noon on June 24th.  On Friday the 22nd at 1:00 pm, we need individuals and trucks at the Colchester Lions Den to load and haul stuff out to the airport.  On the 23rd, we need individuals at 9 am at the airport to setup.  On the 24th,we need people starting at 6 am to start and all the way to noon to tear down and cleanup and haul back to Colchester. Need to remember to sign in and out. Passed around a sign-up sheet.


3. Lion Beaver reported on membership for the year and thanked everyone for their help.


4.  President-Elect Jan Entwistle gave gift to President DeJaynes for her successful year.


5.  President-Elect Jan Entwistle told club we would have to move our meeting location sometime during the year.  Grand Prairie was expanding and that would require them to have 2 meal shifts and would not have room for us.  Formed committee of Lions Jim Entwistle, Leslie Jefferson, Gretchen DeJaynes  and herself to find a new location.


6. President-Elect Entwistle announced meetings for the summer:  July 19th and August 16th.






Tail Twister Sweepstakes – $9.50 –Won by Lion Mueller – Rollover.











                  Secretary     _________________                                 
                                                 Jack Schoonover