September 15, 2011


The regular meeting of the Macomb Lions Club was held on September 15, 2011.  Members gathered in the dining room of the Grand Prairie Home with those members in attendance as shown on the Attendance Record and Guest Register.  Transcribed below is what happened at the meeting:


Attendance: Guests       00
Members    19                   
                   Percentage 40

Lead in the Pledge of Allegiance – 2nd VP Westen


Prayer – Silent

Guests –


Birthdays –

Program – Lois Kissinger, RN – MDH Diabetes Educator. 

Diabetes is when the body is not making enough insulin or the body cannot use the insulin that is produced.  2005 the CDC released a study that said 1 of 3 children born that year would get/have diabetes in their lifetime.  Dietary control is important and portion size is important.  Your meal should be in the following proportions:  ½ the plate should be non-starchy vegetables; ¼ plate should be starch; and ¼ meat (3 to 4 oz).  You should also have some fruit and 8 oz of milk (1% or skim).  ½ your calories should be carbs.  3500 calories will = 1 lb gained if no exercise is done.  80% of Type II Diabetics are overweight.  50% of Type II Diabetics havesleep apnea.





1. Treasure’s Report – 6/30/11


2. Rose Sale – Sold 300 dozen this year; 262 last.


3. Candy Days will be October 14th and 15th. Share writing will be the month after.


4.  Road Clean Up – We have been assigned Grant Street from the MDH Entrance to Grand Prairie Entrance.  We will do the first pickup on Tues, September 20th at 5:30.  Park in the visiting physicians parking lot.


5. Lion Lueck will contact Macomb Junior High about participating in the Peace Poster Contest.


Tail Twister Sweepstakes –  $25.50 won by Lion Roberts.  Rollover.











                  Secretary     _________________                                 
                                                 Jack Schoonover