September 1, 2011

The regular meeting of the Macomb Lions Club was held on September 1, 2011.  Members gathered in the dining room of the Grand Prairie Home with those members in attendance as shown on the Attendance Record and Guest Register.  Transcribed below is what happened at the meeting:


Attendance: Guests       00
Members    18
                   Percentage 38

Lead in the Pledge of Allegiance – 1st VP Entwistle


Prayer – Silent


Guests – None

Song –

Birthdays – Graham & Simmons


Program – Business Meeting




1. Candy Days has been scheduled for October 14 & 15.  Lion Beth talked on behalf of Lion Joanna about the cost of candy.  Regular mints and lifesavers are $25 per case.  Sugar free mints are $85 per case.  After some discussion, it was moved by Lion Carter and 2nd by Lion B. Prueter to do the $25 Lifesavers. Motion passed 8 to 6.


2. Lions Trisha Simmons and Leslie Jefferson will co-chair publicity.


3. President DeJaynes has appointed Lions Beaver, Bowen, & Jim Entwistle to be an Ad Hoc Constitution Committee.


4. Rose Sale for next year.  Mark it on your calendar for the Friday after Labor Day – to coincide with the BalloonFest and Mom’s Weekend (2nd weekend in September).  Start early and get your orders. Bob Bowen sent e-mails to people he thought would be receptive and told them about our projects.

5. We received a Patch for last year’s Candy Day Sales.


6. Flags of Love on Labor Day. We are responsible.  Put up at 7:00 am and take down at 5:00 pm, weather permitting.

7. Friendship Trail – needs more work.  Pathways need to be lines and chips put down.  We will need at least 10 volunteers.

8.  Lion Beaver has placed large metal sign at Grand Prairie entrance. 


Tail Twister Sweepstakes – NONE.






                  Secretary     _________________                                 
                                                 Jack Schoonover