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Christie Davis

   WELCOME, Christie!

“California Girls” are not just fantasies created in the mind of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys—they’re real, and Christie Davis is one of them. She was born in 1957 in a small town near Napa, where she was raised with her younger sister. She will be 55 on July 31st (she is a Leo Lion), and feels like a California Girl who is WAY past wearing a “bikini.”  Her dad was career Army and her mom was a bookkeeper, so the two girls had the good fortune of having two wonderful babysitters to take care of them after school. Two priceless grandmother-types who taught them how to play solitaire, can tomatoes, make preserves and the joy of being doted on.

    Then came the news: their dad was being transferred to southern Arizona, and the family would be moving to Tucson. Ack! Here’s a tip—the summer is the WORST time to move to a place you don’t like. Who LIKES the desert? Native flora and fauna and Georgia O’Keeffe, perhaps, but Christie can’t think of anyone else and, certainly, not her mother. She fumed and stomped the entire time she lived in the desert—about 50 years. Anyway, Christie grew to love Tucson, just an overgrown college town, and completed Junior High and High School. Reed College in Portland, Oregon, gave her a 4-year scholarship to attend their liberal arts college, so she went there her freshman year to study Political Science. However, the physical change was too much for her, so she went back to Tucson and the University of Arizona for her sophomore year and pursued a BS in Business.

    Immediately after graduation, she began work for Intel Corporation in the Silicon Valley—Santa Clara, California, to be precise. The Silicon Valley was an interesting place to be in the early ‘80s, full of technological breakthroughs, intellectual property right fights, corporate raiders and spies, fancy cars and millionaires. Everyone took themselves very seriously, especially when it was unnecessary. Her initial job was supervisor on the shop floor of memory chip testing. After that, she was promoted into planning—a job that connected the needs of the customer with the factory.  And, her product line was fascinating: military chips of all shapes and sizes, intended for all sorts of applications like NASA, submarines, Air Force jets, tanks, rockets, etc. It was a lot more fun than making stuff for everyday computers.

    Eventually, she transferred to another Intel site—this time down near Phoenix, Arizona—and was promoted again to Planning Manager of Automotive Circuits. Her personal life took a little turn, too, as she met a microchip designer who used to work for Intel, fell in love and got married. She left Intel a while later to be a housewife; a job she says she was really lousy at. It didn’t matter after a time, however, as her health deteriorated due to epilepsy. Then, in 2002, she was in a horrible accident with a semi-truck that almost killed her. She had to learn how to walk again and was left disabled for life. But, she did not die!

    She came to Macomb in October, 2005, courtesy of a man who was her fiancé, then husband, now ex-husband, who was from the area. The midwest quickly became her home as she found herself involved in things in the community like the Anna Parker Club, Fortnightly, Macomb Feminist Network, McDonough County Democrats, WTND radio, two book clubs and, now, Lions!  Her hobbies include knitting, needlepoint, reading, gardening, cooking and piano. Her next challenge? Helping the Habitat for Humanity folks finish her new house in Prairie City, the first home she has ever owned in her life.


 lion pinJoseph Zrekat

     Joseph Zrekat

      WELCOME, Joseph!

Joseph Zrekat was born in the Blue Island area of Chicago in 1985. Shortly after his birth he moved to Jordan because of his father’s work. At the age of thirteen his family relocated to the United Kingdom where he graduated from high school and then received his A levels in Common Law and Psychology.

    At the age of 18 Joe moved back to the United States on his own, where he worked part-time at a local gas station while living in Lemont, Illinois, and attending Moraine Valley Community College, majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology. A year later he moved once again to Bloomington, Illinois, where he received his Associates degree at Heartland Community College. As a great fan of outdoor pursuits, he decided to get his Bachelors at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan, where he also worked for Wal-Mart as a cashier to support himself through college.

    Joe graduated with his Bachelors degree and was able to transfer within Wal-Mart back to Bloomington. He had already been promoted several times within the company and was ready to take on a new challenge, becoming an Asset Protection Manager—he conducted shrink related investigations for his store and market. A year later he was promoted to Assistant Manager over Operations. In February of 2012, he was asked to relocate to Macomb when Wal-Mart promoted him to the position of Co-Manager. Joe is extremely grateful for the opportunities he has had.  He has seen where medical care is given freely and where it is a privilege for only a select few.  He now can take advantage of his successes and give back to others who are less fortunate, as well as to his community—this is why he is now a member of the Macomb Lion’s Club. 


 lion pinBrittany Batterton

     Brittany Batterton

      WELCOME, Brittany!

Brittany Batterton was raised in Astoria, Illinois, and graduated from Astoria High School in 2007. She then attended Spoon River College in Macomb for two years, earning an Associates degree in Applied Arts. Following graduation she enrolled in Western Illinois University (WIU) where she continued her education in Communication and Health Service Management. Brittany graduated from WIU in 2001 with BS degree in Communications and a minor in Health Service Management. She is now employed by Dr. Eric Botts at the Wal-Mart Vision Center in Macomb, as a doctor’s assistant.

    After being approached by Lion Subhash Jani, and doing some research on the overall mission of Lions Clubs International, finding out how much Lions really do for the community where a Club is located, she knew joining the Lions Club would be a perfect fit for her. Working at the Vision Center has shown her daily the effects that sight/blind, hearing/deaf, and diabetes have on people.  Brittany will join other like-minded Lions on the Sight, Blind, and Diabetes Committee.

 lion pinTraci DeWitt

Traci DeWitt

   WELCOME, Traci!

Traci DeWitt grew up in Westmont, Illinois, and graduated from high school there, as well.  While in high school she was very busy with babysitting jobs.  During summer vacations she was a nanny for one family throughout all of her summers during high school.  She spent spring breaks volunteering at Camp Courage in Iowa.  She truly felt her calling in life was to serve the needs of others, never thinking of her jobs as true jobs, but just part of her life.

     She is a graduate of AIU with a BA degree and a minor in Health Care Management.  She has been working with seniors for 9 years.  Before that Traci worked as a nanny for 17 ½ years, as well as running a homeless shelter for 6 ½ years where she was blessed to meet her husband Brent. 

They have been married for 13 years and have two wonderful sons.  Our son Chase is 11 and Grayson is 7.  Her love in working with the elderly shows up in her children, who also enjoy spending time with older individuals. Traci began her career with Bickford in St. Charles, Illinois, as the Life Enrichment Coordinator a year ago.  Within the last three months she moved to Macomb as the Director of Bickford of Macomb. There is not a day that goes by that she feels she does not learn something new—you are never too old to learn or teach something new.

     Although her knowledge of Lionism started years ago, as she was being raised by her grandparents (her grandfather was a Lion member in his community for years) she admits her excitement to finally have the time and opportunity to join a Club on her own.  She is looking forward to contributing to the Macomb Lions Club as, We Serve, together!

 lion pinMary Prueter

Mary Prueter

   WELCOME, Mary!

Mary Prueter was born in Beardstown, Illinois, and grew up as a P.K. (preacher’s kid), living wherever her father was assigned a pastorate. She graduated from Roseville High School.

Mary married and raised four children, who in turn have given her eight grandchildren and two great grandchildren. She met her present husband, Lion Bruce Prueter, while attending a bereavement program in which Bruce was also enrolled. Mary and Bruce were married in August of 2002, and live on Bacon Woods Lane in Macomb.

After many years working for the McDonough County Nutrition Sites (Blandinsville, Colchester, Industry, and Macomb) associated with the Macomb YMCA, as well as being involved as a Tour Guide for the YMCA’s Bus Tour program—both of which she liked very much,—she retired.

Mary likes to sing, cook, garden, be with her grandchildren, entertain, and decorate her home for various holidays; especially, for the forthcoming Holiday Season. She loves spending time with her family and friends, and, since she likes to be helpful to others, she is looking forward to serving others through Lionism.


 lion pinPatricia Simmons

     Patricia Simmons

      WELCOME, Patricia!

Patricia Simmons (Trisha) is a 19-year-old student at Western Illinois University in Macomb; however, the real story is how she got here! She is from Round Lake, Illinois, where she says, “I lived with my wonderful family. I have two great parents, Lion Mary, and Zone Chair Lion Marty Reading. I also have two sisters, Lion Catherine Simmons (20) and Rebecca Simmons Reading (14). I graduated from Carmel Catholic High School in Mundelein in 2010, and now I'm at WIU majoring in elementary education. I'm really looking forward to working with children in first and second grades!” Interestingly enough, when the family brought Trisha to visit the Western campus during the late summer, they brought her to a an evening Macomb Lions Club meeting. It seemed they had researched the Club and determined it would be a good fit for their daughter while attending the University.

Trisha can still remember when she first became involved with a Lions Club. When she was in first grade she started by going to events promoted by the Gagewood Lions Club where both of her parents were members. The Club let her help work at the county fair, selling Christmas trees, going to meetings, and helping with community events! “My parents were always stressing helping others, because when you help others, you get to live life to the fullest; and, I love being happy!”

She feels her parents have both been great examples of what it takes to be a Lion. Her mother served as Secretary for the Gagewood Lions, and for a long while was editor for the district newsletter. Her father has served in all sorts of ways—everything from being the Tail Twister, then President, to presently serving as a Zone Chair for district 1-F. She joined the Gagewood Lions Club while in 5th Grade. One day Trisha hopes to have the privilege of serving in one of those positions.

Her goal as a Lion is to be able to help others who are in need, making a difference and helping people the way others have helped her. “Involvement with a Lions Club has shown me what is possible—after all, that is how I got here! I am looking forward to being an associate member of the Macomb Lions Club.”

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