A Macomb Lion Is . . .

A Macomb Lion is an individual who is committed to community service. The Macomb Lions Club is not a social club even though its members do socialize. Macomb Lions are committed to sight saving projects such as providing eye exams and eye glasses to individuals who can not afford it; providing financial assistance if surgery is necessary; conducting a "Diabetes Awareness Day" with the American Diabetes Association (diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness); raising funds for the Lions of Illinois Foundation and Lions International to support their sight saving projects.

In addition, the Lions of Macomb have contributed funds for the Radio Information Service (closed circuit fm-subcarrier radio station providing services to the visually impaired); Leader Dog School; Macomb Park District (funds to maintain the Lion's Playground at Everly Park); early childhood education classes to teenagers; an adapted physical activity conference; programs for under-privileged children; Presidential Classroom; after-prom and after-graduation events; National Fire safety Program.

Service activities include driving members of the Macomb Area Visually Handicapped Association to their monthly meeting; transporting eye tissue from area airports to McDonough District Hospital for transplant; providing labor to the Macomb Park District to maintain the Lion's Playground; ringing the bells at Christmas for the Salvation Army; collection of used eye glasses

The Macomb Lions Club is a service organization, but in order to provide the service activities, funds must be raised. The Macomb Lions have traditionally had two major fund raisers with a third fund raiser that has varied from year to year. Annually, we have Candy Days and Light bulbs and Broom Sales. Candy Days is an event in which underwriting of the candy is solicited from area merchants. Then over a weekend, the candy is given away at various locations throughout Macomb. Donations are accepted if the individuals are so inclined. Funds from this event are split with the Lions of Illinois Foundation. Light bulbs and Brooms is a door-to-door sales campaign during the Spring (usually late April or early May). We currently are involved in working the merchandise tent at the St. Louis Rams Training Camp. However, this event is contingent upon the Rams staying in Macomb. If this event disappears, then a third project will probably be found.

The Macomb Lions usually meet on the first and third Thursday of the month. We are currently meeting at the University Union on the campus of Western Illinois University. There is a $25 initiation fee that is due when an application for membership is submitted. Members are billed quarterly for dues and meals. Dues are currently $13.00 per quarter and meals are around $8.00 each; however, this amount may vary based upon location and menu.

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