Melvin Jones Fellow: Louis Battin
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I have been a member of the Macomb Community since 1954 and a charter member of the Macomb Lions Club since its inception in l963. During this time I have been pleased by the work of service clubs in Macomb and the accomplishments that have taken place by the efforts of each club. I am proud to note that the Macomb Lions Club has taken a pro-active
course in helping those less fortunate to receive glasses, screening tests, diabetes awareness, eye tissue donations, and personal help to families in need. Each year the youth benefit through the actions of the Boys and Girls committee and their donations of time and financial support.

I have gained an understanding of the Lions Club in general and our Club in particular by serving in various offices and on committees. It has always been rewarding to meet new members from the community and watch them become involved in the work of the Macomb Lions Club. We have a large turn-over in membership due to the nature of our mobile society. This requires effort to keep our membership at an acceptable level, but through this challenge I have found pleasure in working with many fine people to help those in our community not able to adequately help themselves. My view of being a Lion has been to do for others what I could not do by working alone. Through the strength of our Club members we have made a difference in our community, and a difference in the lives of many people. This is what I am proud of when I say that I belong to the Macomb Lions Club. All of the help to others has taken a portion of my available time from the lives of my children and wife. I must thank them for being understanding of this and hope that helping others has helped my family in some way gain an appreciation that part of living is sharing and giving.

-Louis Battin

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