March 3, 2011

  X  Beaver(Member Ch)
  X  Bowen (Board)
  X  Carter (Past President)
       Collier (Historian)
       Cook (Board)
  X  Culver (Tail Twister)
  X  DeJaynes(President)  
       Entwistle, Jan(1stVP)
      Graham (Past Prez)
  X  Morgan (Tamer)
  X  Schoonover (Sec)
  X  Self (Board)
  X  Westen (Treas/2nd VP)



Guests: None







The Macomb Lions Club, of Macomb, IL, held a Regular Board Meeting after the March 3, 2011 meeting with President Carter acting as chair. 


Guests: None



1. Moved by Lion Culver and 2nd by Lion Westen to accept the membership application of Dean Roberts.  Motion passed.


2. Motion by Lion Jan Entwistle and 2nd by Lion Beaver to apply for a Life Membership for Lion Gary Sherer. Lion Sherer will pay $800.  $500 for the Life Membership and $300 for any local and district dues. Motion passed.


3. Motion by Lion Culver and 2nd by Lion Beaver to accept, with regrets, resignation of Lion Wylie.  Motion passed.


4. Motion by Lion Culver and 2nd by Lion Westen to support Lions Internationals efforts to solicit relief funds from club members. Motion passed.


5. Motion by Lion Beaver and 2nd by Lion Culver to deny request for assistance with International Trip to provide eye care to needy. Motion passed.





Jack Schoonover